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The article based on the analysis of current archival materials, scientific literature highlights the role and place of the political parties of Uzbekistan in increasing the socio-political activity of young people. Announcement in Uzbekistan June 30 as the “Youth Day”, the adoption of the program “Youth is Our Future”, the organization of the Academy of Management under the President of the Institute for the Study of Youth Problems and the Training of Promising Personnel is an indicator of high attention to young people in Uzbekistan. The youth of Uzbekistan is actively participated both in projects aimed at developing free thinking, enhancing creative and social activity, and in the activities of various public associations, in particular political parties. In order to increase the political culture and consciousness of young people, to attract them to political processes, to ensure employment by all political parties operating in the republic, several projects are being implemented. In all political parties, the so-called “Youth Wing” operates. These groups hold various mass events aimed at consolidating the country’s youth, organizing their free time, protecting young people from drug addiction, various ideas alien to our mentality, and promoting healthy lifestyles. On the basis of archival materials, the article analyzes projects carried out by the “Youth Wing” of political parties, the activities carried out, activities aimed at raising the political and legal awareness, uniting unorganized youth, and solving emerging problems. The experience of developed eastern countries, including China, India and Japan, accumulated in this area is analyzed. There are suggestions and recommendations aimed at: organizing discussions on various issues (draft laws, interests of the electorate, electoral programs, etc.); constant updating of information published in print publications on Internet sites; and communicating party reports and statistics to the general public.

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