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This article analyzes the priority directions of social development at the present stage based on proposals, initiatives and conceptual ideas put forward in the Address of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the Oliy Majlis in 2018. As noted in the article, the Strategy of Action on the five priority directions of development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017–2021 contributes to the improvement of the strategic framework to ensure the vital needs and legitimate interests of the population and strengthen the foundations of a decent and comfortable life. In this regard, as noted in the article, the Address of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to Oliy Majlis on December 28, 2018, and the fact that 2019 was proclaimed the “Year of Active Investments and Social Development” became the logical continuation of the years of “Dialogue with the people and human interests”, “Support for active entrepreneurship, innovative ideas and technologies” in the country. It indicates that in the third stage of the reform strategy, the importance of social development as a priority of state policy increases. According to the author, increasing the economic potential of the country by attracting investment will inevitably lead to the development of social spheres. The article focuses on the development of the social sphere. The author reveals the essence of the concept of “social development”. As noted, “social development” is a change that contributes to the emergence of new social relations, institutions, norms and values in society. In this regard, features and criteria of social development are shown. The article outlines the main tasks for the further development of the social sphere in 2019, as defined in the Presidential Address. In particular, comments were given to initiatives and conceptual ideas for further improvement of science, modern and continuing education, further strengthening of state social support for young people, and the development of a national idea. The article widely describes the concept of “investment in human capital” and the article notes that investments in human capital include expenditures on health care, general and special education, employment, vocational training, raising children and others. The effectiveness of such investments is reflected in the pace of development of society in all areas. The article shows how the issues of modern education and upbringing of young people and their social support are important in the social development of the country. The article analyzes important practical steps taken to ensure that the sphere of education and training directly serves further human improvement.

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