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At the moment, the Middle East remains one of the most explosive regions in the world. Today, Syria has become a kind of center for the global political crisis. This article explores the political prerequisites for the emergence and development of a regional problem, reveals its features, and analyzes the external factors that have had and are affecting the evolution of the Middle East problem. The preconditions for the growth of conflict potential and the intensification of the struggle for influence in the Middle East are studied. The role of Syria in the framework of the rivalry of leading Arab countries and Iran for regional leadership is examined and conclusions are drawn about the goals pursued by them in the Middle East. The issues of the formation of Syria's foreign policy are investigated, the influence of the Palestinian factor on its regional policy is analyzed, the position of Syria on the Lebanese problem is revealed. A number of factors are analyzed that influence the evolution of Syria's foreign policy in the new geopolitical situation in the region.

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