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The information about the creation of the first edition of the textual study of the lyrics of Navoi in the 20th century and his role in the development of subsequent editions is given in the introduction of the study for the first time. At the same time, the great interest of Professor Hamid Suleiman to the study of the lyrical heritage of Alisher Navoi from the point of view of textology along with the achievements and shortcomings is revealed, as well as their reasons for creating the first edition of the scientist. The purpose of the research is to increase the level of publications, to make changes in the publications, to identify the roots of the problem and to find solutions. Comparative, historical-comparative, analysis and synthesis, concretization methods were used in the definition of inter-personal differences. The findings of the study revealed the existing differences between the four major publications of the “Badoye`u-1-vasat” publication, which is part of Navoi’s heritage. The publications, published up today, have been compared with the manuscript of the 16th century and, as a result, all the publications have been found not so perfect. The main reason of it is the absence of critical text and Hamid Suleyman’s collection of the texts cannot solve this problem. The works of “Badoye`u-l-vasat” have been compared with one of the manuscripts of the 16th century, used by Hamid Sulayman, and as a result, a lot of serious differences between them were found out. In the conclusion of the study, Though Hamid Sulaiman's manuscripts have been collected and critically analyzed, his work were not completed by the reason of his death and the first publication performs the function of critical text. Nowadays, when there are widespread developments in all spheres of life, the matter of creating a renewal edition has been raised. The only solution is to solve the problem of the critical text by completing the work which the scientist has begun, using his experience.

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Rakhmonov Wahab. Responsibility of the translator. Imam al-Bukhari lessons. 2003. No. 2-3. pp. 13-14. Alisher Navoi. Khazoyinul maoni. The manuscript. Beruniy Oriental Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, XVI century. inv. № 677. 247 sheets.