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The article is devoted to the quantitative analysis, i.e. learning statistical data using computational techniques of the main dimensions of the cooperation between the Republic of Uzbekistan and Fifth Republic of France. The author chose unusual for social sciences quantitative method to clarify the modern conditions and both progressive and regressive development dynamics, perspectives of Uzbek-French relations to enlighten areas need to be developed, to realize the hidden potential of bilateral cooperation and to answer to one of the main questions – is France the necessary partner for Uzbekistan or the bilateral relations between two countries have a symbolic status due to their regional importance. Analysis of the quantitative indicators will show the real state of Uzbek-French cooperation better than other methods of scientific research. In the article there is given introductory part about state and modern conditions of Uzbek-French relations, clarified the main aim, functions and analysis methods of the research, as well as complex analysis of political, economic and socio-cultural and educational vectors of bilateral partnership. The author identifies two frames for analysis. First one is the examination of the interests of the parts in multilateral dialogue and cooperation. The second frame is the finding the dynamics of multi dimensional bilateral relations, where the qualitative changes in Uzbek-French relations are disclosed by using quantitative-comparative methods. The research results lead to the conclusion, that in the near future terms, socio-economic issues will take the place of socio-humanitarian ones in the cooperation between Uzbekistan and France, and the partnership will continue to develop in bilateral frame rather than multilateral or regional one.

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