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In the modern world, the principles of secular society dominate, on the one hand, and on the other, the process of the initial revival of religious consciousness, one of the ancient sources of popular culture. That is why religion has become a social institution on the agenda of many issues related to the role and status of modern society. Issues such as secularism, which implies the free, independent and independent activity of the spheres of public life. In this sense, this article is devoted to the analysis of this complex and controversial social process and its relevance. In the article, the term “secularization” occurs in terms of history and logic: the linguistic meaning of a word, its comparative and critical analysis of its definitions by various authors. At the same time, the objective and subjective factors behind the secularization process were uncovered. Specific examples of the sociocultural life of the West and the East are studied in detail and the content of the term "secularization" is defined. Particular attention is paid to the analysis of the views of modern philosophers on this issue, the analysis of theoretical views proposed by various academic schools. General and specific aspects of the description and approach are highlighted, the author’s own views on them are described and definitions of the concept of “secularization” are developed. Based on recent studies, general theoretical conclusions are given. As it is known, the secularization paradigms in the modern world are gradually changing. In this sense, secularization is not a feature of all societies. It should be noted that in the process of change, religious issues are at the center of public debate and, in some cases, at the center of controversy. However, secularization remains the core of the modern world, although religion is likely to occupy a huge space. Based on the above analysis, we can say that the processes of secularization are not based on a specific standard in different societies, and in each society there is a certain limit. Based on historical analysis, modern definition and description, secularization is a complex social process associated with the role of religion in society, and can be replaced by changing the order of religious traditions based on rational principles based on the principle of secularism.

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