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The article outlines the evolutionary views of Uzbek ethnogenesis and ethnic history. Historical, ethnographical, archaeological, anthropological, linguistic scientific literature, their concepts and the methodology of historian scientists have not been studied in whole or in part on the ethnogenesis and ethnic history of the Uzbek people. This scientific article is a scientific research, which explores the topic in detail and encourages to the scientific reasoning and research. The article reflects monographs, articles, published in various publications and press releases of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Particularly, scientific researches conducted by historians such as A. Yu. Yakubovsky, S. Tolstov, A. A. Semeyonov, B. A. Litvinsky, K. Sh. Shoniyazov, A. Askarov, Rakhim Masov and others, their views and its basis were given in the article. During years of the independence, scientists have conducted scientific research on the ethnogenesis and ethnic history of the Uzbek people, its gradual intensification and prosperity. In the works of Jabborov new findings on ethnogenesis and ethnic history of the Uzbek people on the basis of written sources and partly archeological findings have been made. А. А. Askarov, T. K. Hodjaev and other’s works have studied not only ethnogenesis, but also ethnic history issues on the basis of archaeological and anthropological research. The research of Uzbek anthropologists enriched the ethnogenesis of Uzbeks and proved the truthfulness of the findings of historians, ethnographers and archeologists. This article demonstrates the objective approach in the coverage of the ethnogenesis of the Uzbek people can be clearly seen and their analysis is understandable.

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