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This article is considered the importance of new educator performs the tasks assigned to the education system, to master students' self-study materials, to stimulate their professional growth, and to develop their creative activity. It is necessary to choose the an appropriate data and to process I autonomous study. Enriching the knowledge of instructor is important because autonomous study is necessary not only for the student, but for himself as well. In technical education institutions, the importance of independent learning is important in improving the quality and content of education.

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1. Mualliflar: Maxmud Axmedovich Shaxodjayev, Eldorjon Muxammedovich Begmatov, Nozimjon Nurdinbekovich Xamdamov, Shaxzod Dilshodjon o‘g‘li Numonjonov. Metodi effektivnogo ispolzovaniya informatsionno-kommunikatsionnix texnologiy v obrazovatelnom protsesse. Jurnal: Problemi sovremennoy nauki i obrazovaniya. № 10 (143 oktabr 2019 g.) str 64 – 66. 2. Muslimov N., Usmonboyeva M., Sayfurov D., To‘rayev A. Innovatsion ta’lim texnologiyalari. O‘quv qo‘llanma. – T.: 2015. – 208 s. 3. Avliyakulov N.X. Zamonaviy o‘qitish texnologiyalari. O‘quv qo‘llanma. –T.: 2001. – 68 s.



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