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The article deals with semantic classes of verbs with different valences. Based on the interpretation of the semantic class of verbs, in the process of teaching the Russian language, semantic representations are used that are the result of the segmentation of the gestalt interpretation, so that the prepositional-case forms and verbs align the semantic invariants - the frame. From the point of view of semantics, the first actant is the subject of action, i.e. the one who performs the action; the second actant is an object that is impacted by a direct action object, a direct object; the third actant is an indirect or further object to whose benefit or to the detriment of which an indirect complement is performed.

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1. Goncharova T.V. Leksiko-semanticheskiye gruppi glagolov tipa «davat» i «brat» v sovremennom russkom yazike: Avtoref. dis. kand. filol. nauk. - L., 1980. - 19s. 2. Fomenko Yu.V. Iz nablyudeniy nad leksiko- semanticheskimi gruppami russkix glagolov. Nauch. tr./Novosib. gos. ped. in-t, 1973, vip. 91. Problemi rus.yaz., s. 20-41.



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