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In a ghost article, the indicators of inheritance and adaptability of the trait “mass per boll” in reciprocal hybrid plants obtained by crossing lines with round leaf (L-501, Determinant-2), lanceolate leaves (Determinant-3), okra leaves (L-490), and from Ishonch cultivar with normal leaves of the species G.hirsutum L. According to the analysis of the results, the genes controlling this trait in Ishonch cultivar completely dominate the combinations of L-490 x Ishonch and Ishonch x Determinant-2 over the genes L-490 and Determinant 2 and e totally dominated in combination Ishonch x Determinant-3, Determinant-3 x Ishonch, Ishonch x L-501 and L-501 x Ishonch above genes Determinant-3 and L-501.

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