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This article describes the data that the use of mineral fertilizers for intensive cultivation of Salvia officinalis, has a positive effect on the increase in wet and dry weight of plant in the Tashkent region. As experience has shown, the use of N90P60K40 fertilizer had the most significant effect on the growth rate of plants along with other norms of mineral fertilizers used in the experiment. It is reported that the dry weight of the seeds increased by 3,4 times compared with the control, and the wet weight by 3,0 times.

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1. 2017 yil 3 may kuni O'zbekiston Respublikasi Prezidentining “Nukus-farm”, “Zomin-farm”, “Kosonsoy-farm”, “Sirdaryo-farm”, “Boysun-farm”, “Bo'stonlik- farm” va “Parkent-farm” erkin iqtisodiy zonalarini tashkil etish to'g'risidagi PQ-5032 farmon. 2. U.I.Ruzmetov, N.K.Safarova, Sh.B.Erdanov. Asteraceae oilasiga mansub ayrim dorivor o'simliklarning plantatsiyalarini yaratish. //O'simliklar introduktsiyasi: yutuqlari va istiqbollari: ilmiy-amaliy anjuman materiallari, 18-19 may 2018 yil. –Toshkent. –B.178-182. 3. O'rmon xo'jaligi ilmiy-tadqiqot instituti. QX-A-QX-2018-109 ilmiy loyihasining oraliq hisoboti.“Asteraceae oilasiga mansub istiqbolli dorivor o'simliklarni turli tuproq-iqlim sharoitlarida etishtirish agrotexnologiyalarini takomillashtirish” 2018 yil. –Toshkent. -128 b.



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