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This article provides an overview of the communications and information technologies used in higher education in mathematics. As a modern tool of research, the use of electronic workbooksis considered in the organization of independent work of students in mathematics.

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1. Sitnikova, M.A. Raboshaya tetrad po trigonometrii kak sredstvo razvitiyaklyushevx kompetenchiy. // Vozmojnosti obrazovatelnoy oblasti«Matematika i informatika» dlya realizachii kompetentnostnogo podxoda v shkolei vuze: material mejdunar. naush.-prakt. konf. SGPI, 2012. S. 29-34. 2. Polat, Ye.S. Nove pedagogisheskie i informachionne texnologii v sisteme obrazovaniya: usheb.posobie dlya studentov ped. vuzov i sistem povsheniyakvalifikachii ped. kadrov. M.: ICh «Akademiya», 2001. 3.Ganeeva, A.R. Informachionne texnologii v pedagogisheskom vuze: Organizachiya samostoyatelnoy rabot studentov po geometrii: dis. < kand. ped. nauk, 2005. 249 s.



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