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The article explores the translation ways of ancient Turkish situational realities into German and English. The author analyzed the peculiarities of situational realities and their artistic interpretation in ancient Turkish work and then the ways of translation into European languages.

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1. Vlaxov S., Florin S. Neperevodime v perevode. – Mokva: Valent, 2006. S. 199-207. 2. Yusuf Xos TSojib. Qutadg'u bilig. TSozirgi fzbek tiliga tavsif Q.Karimovniki. – Toshkent: Fan, 1971. 3. Kutadku Bilik des Jusuf Chass Hadschib aus Balasagun. Text und Übersetzung nach den Handschriften von Wien und Kairo. Herausgegeben von Dr. W.Radloff. - St. Petersburg, 1910. - 560 S. 4. Yusuf Khass Hajib, Wisdom of Royal Glory (Kutadgu Bilig): A Turko-Islamic Mirror for Princes, translated, with an introduction and notes, by Robert Dankoff. - Chicago-London: University of Chicago Press, 1983. - 281 p.



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