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This article discusses environmental issues and the problems of rational use of natural resources and especially household waste. The article analyzes the measures on the state of the waste problem undertaken by the Government of the Republic, some ways to overcome it are developed.

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1. O`zbekiston Respublikasi Oliy Majlisi Qonunchilik Palatasi bulletini, 18.10.2017. 2. X.M. Akramov ‚Ushastie respubliki Uzbekistan v mejdunarodnoy programme‛. jurnal ‚Usheny XXI veka‛.№ 11-2 (58), noyabr 2019 g. 3. O`zbekiston Respublikasining qo`riqxonalar va tabiat bog`lari.Suratli malumatnoma. 4. ‚Iqlim va biz‛ qo`llanma kitob .’Chinor EIK’ekologik nashriyot kompaniyasi. Toshkent shahri, Sug`alliy ota ko`chasi 5-uy. Litsenziya AI



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