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The water meter technology presented in this study is recommended as an effective method that can be used to teach the concept of ball size to future primary school teachers based on the curriculum. In this method, the idea of transition from the volume of a sphere of radius R to the volume of a cube with side kR was put forward.

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1.‖ O‘zbekiston‖ Respublikasi‖ Prezidentining‖ qarori‖ 07.05.2020‖ y.‖ N‖ PQ-4708 ‚Matematika‖ sohasidagi‖ta’lim‖sifatini‖oshirish‖ va‖ilmiy-tadqiqotlarni rivojlantirish chora-tadbirlari‖to‘g‘risida‖ Prezident‖qarori‛.‖ 2.‖ O‘zbekiston‖ Respublikasi‖ Prezidentining‖ qarori‖ 20.02.2019‖ y.‖ N‖ PQ-4199‖ ‚Prezident‖ maktablarini tashkil etish chora – tadbirlari‖to’g’risida‛. 3. N.Sh.Turdiyev FIZIKA 6. Toshkent-2017. 62-bet. 4. J.S. Sultonov. Oliy matematika(Aniq integral)Uslubiy‖qo’llanma. Samarqand -2009 5.‖ M.A.‖ Mirzaahmedov,‖ Sh.N.‖ Ismailov,‖ A.Q.‖ Amanov‖ <‖ matematika 11 (Algebra va analiz asoslari geometriya darsligi).Toshkent-2018





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