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The effective result of pedagogical activity aimed at the formation of organizational qualities of students is their independence, activism, goal-orientation, the ability to actively communicate with peers in teams or micro groups, to achieve cooperation in play, education and labor.

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1.Almetov N.Sh.‖ O‘quv-tarbiya‖ jarajnida‖ ‖ salq‖ pedagogikasining‖ tarbiyaviy‖ imkoniyatlaridan‖ foydalanish‖ /‖ O‘qituvshilar‖ ushun‖ qfll.‖ - Shimkent:‖ Janubiy‖ Qozog‘iston‖VMMOK≦TI,‖1993.‖-90‖b. 2. Berdiyev G.‖O‘quvshilarda‖shaxslararo‖munosabatlarning‖fziga‖xos‖xususiyatlari‖//‖‖ salq‖ta’limi.‖- Toshkent,‖1998.‖- №‖6.‖- B.‖61-65.



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