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This article describes the synthesis of mono- and divinyl esters from dibasic carboxylic acids, including wine acids, in a homogeneous solution of dimethylformamide (DMF) in the presence of zinc acetate and AlCh • 6H2O catalysts.

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1. Parmanov A.V., Nurmanov S.E., Phayzullaeva M.Ph., Abdullaev J.U., Soliev M.I. Synthesis of vinyl esters of some carbonic acids. //Austrian journal technical and natural science. 2017. №1-2. p. 129-132. 2. A.E. Ziyadullayev, S.E. Nurmanov, U.U. Jumartova, A.B. Parmanov, M.I.Soliyev. Teoreticheskiye osnovi reaksii gomogennogo kataliticheskogo vinilirovaniya sianurovoy kisloti P Jurnal Yevraziyskiy soyuz uchenix, Rossiya № 9 (66) 2019. 2 chast. 37 - 41 s.



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