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The rheological properties (density and viscosity) o f nitric-phosphoric acid and precipitate pulps obtained by decomposition o f MM and FM from phosphorites o f the Central Kyzyl Kum and neutralized Ca(OH)2 and NHt have been studied. It was revealed that nitric- phosphoric acid and precipitate pulps obtained at different norms o f nitric acid at a temperature range of30-60°C have an enough good fluidity.

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1. A.A. Saparov, B.E. Sultonov, Sh.S. Namazov. Azotnokislotnoye polucheniye pretsipitata na osnove mineralizovannoy massi iz fosforitov Sentralnix Kizilkumov // Universum: Texnicheskiye nauki, Vipusk 11(56), noyabr, Moskva, 2018. 2. B.E. Sultonov, A.A. Saparov. Vliyaniye normi osaditelya na protsess pretsipitirovaniya azotnokislotnoy vityajki fosfatov // Kompozitsionnie materiali Nauchno-texnicheskiy i proizvodstvenniy jurnal, Tashkent, №4,2018, Literatura S.15-19. S.67-71. 3. B.E. Sultonov, A.A. Saparov. Pretsipitirovaniye azotnokislotnix vityajek fosfatov v zavisimosti ot normi osaditelya. XXXV- Mejdunarodnaya nauchno- prakticheskaya konferensiya «Yestestvennie i texnicheskiye nauki v sovremennom mire», sbornik materialov, g. Moskva, 03.02.2019, S.37-39. 4. A.A. Saparov, V.Ye. Sultonov, Sh.S. Namazov Investegation of the process of precipition degree precipitate depending from nature of precipitating agents. XIV International Scientific Specialized Conference "International Scientific Review of the technical sciences, mathematics and computer science" Boston, USA, March 13,2020.



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