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The article describes the method of teaching in an informatized society through the use of information and communication technologies; substantiated stages of training future teachers of vocational education in computer design; stages of development of design technology for pedagogical and technological processes are proposed; elements of computer design are presented in an inextricable sequence; the implementation of information and communication preparedness of students in each element of the proposed system in two directions–in the subject and methodology.

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1. O‘zbekiston Respublikasi Prezidentining 2017 yil 7 fevraldagi PF-4947-sonli “O‘zbekiston Respublikasini yanada rivojlantirish bo‘yicha Harakatlar strategiyasi to‘g‘risida”gi Farmoni. 2. Xakimov J.O. Kompyuterli loyihalash. Darslik. – T.: Adabiyot uchquni, 2018. – 255 b. 3. Ortiqov I.S. O‘qitish texnologiyasini loyihalashtirish metodi. Kasb-hunar ta`limi. №1, 2012. 2-5 b. 4. Xakimov J.O., Xasanova S.T. Obuchenie budushix uchiteley samostoyatelnoy rabote s primeneniem sredstv informatsionnix i kommunikatsionnix texnologiy. J-l: Voprosi nauki i obrazovaniya. №17 (64), 2019. -S. 58-61.



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