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He wrote great, eternal, high talents and masterpieces in Turkish

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1. Karimov I. Yuksak ma’naviyat-engilmas kuch.-T.:Ma’naviyat,2008.-176b. 2. A’zamov A. SHe’riyat dahosi - Olloh in’omi. - “O‘zbekiston adabiyoti va san’ati” , 2001, 2 fevral. 3. Oybek. Navoiy: Roman.-T. : O‘qituvchi, 1985. - 421b. 4. Sayyid, Sirojiddin. Vatan abadiy: SHe’rlar, tarjimalar. – T.: SHarq , 2001. – 256 b. 5. Xondamir. Makorimul axloq. - T. : G‘afur G‘ulom nomidagi badiiy adabiy nashriyoti , 1967.



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