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The article suggests a description of the class dealing with the usage of problem- solving teaching approach in foreign language education based on the creation of learners’ video presentations.

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1. O‘zbekiston Respublikasi Prezidentining “CHet tillarni o‘rganish tizimini yanada takomillashtirish chora-tadbirlari to‘g‘risida”gi qarori. («Xalq so‘zi» gazetasi, 11.12.2012 y., 240 (5660)-son). 2. Rezida A. Fahrutdinova, Iskander E. Yarmakeev & Rifat R. Fakhrutdinov. The Formation of Students’ Foreign Language Communicative Competence during the Learning Process of the English Language through Interactive Learning Technologies // English Language Teaching. 2014. Vol. 7, No. 12.



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