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This article aims to identify the impact of the expansion of language social functions on word styles and the use of novel words with stylistic colouring limitations in one or another area, as they reveal new concepts, events, events and processes in these areas. The two- volume dictionary “The Explanatory Dictionary of the Uzbek Language” published by Z.M. Marufov in 1981 and the five-volume dictionary “The Explanatory Dictionary of the Uzbek Language" published in by A. Madvaliev in 2006-2008 were comparatively studied and the results of the comparative analysis of “Explanatory Dictionary of the Uzbek Language” edited by Z.M. Marufov and the “Explanatory Dictionary of the Uzbek Language” edited by A. Madvaliev allow to classify the stylistic processes in the words under study.

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1. Abduazizov A.A. Tilshunoslikka kirish nazariyasi. – Toshkent: SHarq, 2010. – 262 b. 2. Mamashukurov J.A. O‘zbek tilining davlat tili sifatida rivojlanishining ijtimoiy-siyosiy va ma’naviy asoslari: Fals. fan. nomz. … diss. – Toshkent, 1999. 3. Xanazarov K.X. Sblijenie natsiy i natsionalnie yaziki v SSSR. – Tashkent, Izd-vo Akad. Nauk UzSSR, 1963. 4. O‘zbek tilining izohli lug‘ati. 2 tomli. 1, 2-tomlar. – M.: Russkiy yazыk, 1981. 5. O‘zbek tilining izohli lug‘ati. 5 jildli. 1-5-jildlar. – Toshkent: O‘zbekiston milliy ensiklopediyasi, 2006–2008.



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