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Annotation: Gafur Gulom has a special place in Uzbek national literature. He is an a writer who as experimented with all genres of literature in order to better reflect the social and political changes which taking place in society. As a result to his courage and bravery , he was able to present is works to other readers, competing with other people`s stories. The article discusses the role of artistic and visual aids in te prose works of Gafur Gulom

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1.Mirvaliev S. O‘zbek adiblari.-Toshkent: Fan, 1993.- 248 b. 2. Said Ahmad. Nazm chorrahasida.- Toshkent: O‘qituvchi, 1999.- 128 b. 3. G‘.G‘ulom. YOdgor: Qissa va hikoyalar.-Toshkent: Adabiyot va san’at, 1983.-337 b.



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