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The scientific article emphasizes the importance of life experience, virtues and values of the older generation in the upbringing and spiritual formation of youth. In this regard, attention is paid to the problems of continuity between the older generation, which are the creators of our independence, and young people, who are the successors of the noble deeds that they initiated. The lifestyle and life lessons of the older generation are seen as a source of spiritual strength for youth. The manifestation of our national character in the lifestyle and creative activities of the older generation, their humanity, kindness, love for the country, generosity is a beacon for the young generation. The article considers the problem of spiritual encouragement of the young generation, patriotism, respect for elders and their life experience, as an important factor in strengthening the independence of our country, turning it into a leading force. The relevance of the topic is emphasized by a number of practical solutions developed by the author to instill a sense of reverence and respect in our youth.

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