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The article highlights the opportunities and social factors created in this society for well-being. The action strategy is based on the fact that it is a practical expression of the well- being of society and positive changes in people's lives. At the same time, issues of strengthening the spiritual and mental immunity of a person based on the correct formation of the concept of happiness are highlighted. In the formation of immunity, along with the concept of happiness, the concept of national ideas, the path of democratic development, civil society and spirituality are revealed. At the same time, destructive ideas are compared with national ideology with a special emphasis on the role of spirituality in the formation of ideological immunity.

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1.Mirziyoev SH.M. 2017-2021 yillarda O‘zbekiston Respublikasini rivojlantirishning besh ustuvor yo‘nalishi bo‘yicha rivojlantirish Harakatlar strategiyasi “Xalq so‘zi” gazetasi 2017 y. 8- fevral. 2. Nabiev F.X. “Baxtli hayot sharoitlari”. Samarqand 2018 y. 141 bet. 3. Xalq so‘zi gazetasi. 2011 y. 13 noyabr, 3 bet.



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