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In male mice of two strains SHR and C57BL/6, pretreatment with bicuculline (1 mg/kg, s.c.), an antagonist of GABA-A receptors,potentially the convulsant effect of pentylenetetrazole (40mg/kg,ip.) and caffeine (200mg/kg ip.) and had no effect on that of L- kynurenine (11 meg i.c.v.).Data suggest that the convulsant effect of L-kynurenine, an endogenous convulsant from neuroactive tryptophan metabolites, is not related to GABA-A receptors. Other data reported elsewhere (e.g.the antagonism of phenibut and baclofen, agonists of GABA-B receptors, to L-kynurenine) suggest that kynurenine-induced seizures are related to GABA-B receptors.

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