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The article discusses the principles of the organization of preschool educational institutions, the physical, mental, emotional development of children in preschool institutions, child health, the development of creative thinking skills, moral and spiritual development of preschool education - preschool educational institution. based on scientific knowledge, skills and experience of teachers. The article also deals with the organization of the educational process using innovative technologies, taking into account the age and psychological characteristics of children of preschool age, as well as the principles of the organization of education.

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1.Pedagogik texnologiya: muammo va istiqbollar (zamonoviy pedagogik texnologiyaning ilmiy-nazariy asoslari). Mualliflar guruhi. / T.:OO‘MKHTRM, 300 bet 2. G‘oziev E., Murotalieva N. Pedagogika faoliyatda shaxsiyatga yo‘nalganlik.- J.: Xalq ta’limi, 2-son, 2001. 86-90 b. 3.Ishmuxamedov R.J., YUldashev M. Ta’lim va tarbiyada innovatsion pedagogik texnologiyalar.T.: “Nihol” nashriyoti, 2016, 279 b.



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