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The laughing culture in the work of M. Bulgakov undoubtedly rests on the work of N.V. Gogol. It is based on what we suddenly discover in Bulgakov’s works, what is characteristic of Gogol’s works: imaginary conformity of form and content in the description of phenomena that breaks the image, exposes its internal inferiority. Numerous references, portraiture the characteristics and details of the satyr Bulgakov points to literary associations, "reference" to the works of the great Russian satirist - Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol.

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1. Gogol N.V. Poln.sob.soch.v 14t. M.Akademiya nauk, 1964 T.14,S.77 2. Ukaz Prezidenta Respubliki Uzbekistan «O merax po povisheniyu effektivnosti gosudarstvennoy molodyojnoy politiki i podderjke deyatelnosti Soyuza molodyoji Uzbekistana». - Tashkent, 5 iyulya 2017 g.,S.24. 3. Saltikov-shedrin M.E. Pisma. M.1987,S.75



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