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The article discusses the rationale for the integrated education of environmental and moral perception. The formation of a new, integrating, meaningful line in education is a long process, requiring the natural maturation of its sociocultural and psychological-pedagogical prerequisites. However, given the uncertainty of the reserve of time allotted by global environmental processes to achieve the results of education for sustainable development, the feasibility of switching to a conscious, advanced and purposeful design of integration processes in education, to managing these processes based on the formation of a new moral worldview is substantiated. The integration of these processes will expand the range of initial development of environmental education and the formation of a spiritual and moral direction. According to one version, there are currently two theories of world development - the theory of globalization of information, or the theory of the golden billion, and the theory of globalization of the economy, or the concept of sustainable development. Each of these theories has its supporters and opponents. Adherents of the theory of the golden billion argue that the uneven distribution of resources has developed historically and it is impossible to change anything - all resources. There is not enough land for the rest of the population to live as well as the golden billion. Supporters of the concept of sustainable development are talking about the development in each person of a spiritual and intellectual beginning while satisfying reasonable material needs. There are also various views of a justified post-industrial society.

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