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Ammonium nitrate to NH4NO3: (NH4) 2SO4 = 97: 3 to 60 : Ammonium sulphate produced by JSC "Navoiyazot" in a ratio of up to 40 weight The process of obtaining nitrogen fertilizer by mixing with it. The composition and properties of the products are studied. Found: NH4NO3 Increase of 2SO4 in liquid (NH4) from 3.0 to 40% on the other hand, which reduced the amount of nitrogen from 34.53 to 29.26% increased sulfur content from 0.7 to 9.59%. Used in this (NH4) The addition of 2SO4 is the viscosity of the fertilizer grains, viscosity, and liquid considerably lowered fuel absorption and water resistance rate of melting.

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