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The article describes how saline washing normally depends on soil salinity, its physical and mechanical properties, depth of deposition of the water surface and the conditions of water extraction, and the optimal feeding unit used for saline soil salinity. Units of information about that

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1. T.B.Mamatov, I.Qurbanov. SHo‘r yuvish texnologiyasi “Innovatsion ishlanmalar samaradorligini oshirishda ta’lim, fan va ishlab chiqarish o‘rtasidagi hamkorlikning roli” 23-24 may.Namangan-2013 yil. 2. T.Karimberdiev.SHirkat va fermer xo‘jaliklarda madaniy va mahalliy o‘g‘itlardan agrokimyoviy xarita asosida foydalanish bo‘yicha tavsiyanoma. Namangan 2003 y.



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