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Unique cytogenetic collection of cotton Gossypium hursutum L. including monosomic lines was created in the National University of Uzbekistan after named Mirzo Ulugbek. This monosomic lines crossed with donor line Pima 3-79 species G. barbadense L., obtained hybrid and by cytogenetic analysis determinated F1 monosomic chromosome-substitution hybrids.

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1. Sanamyan M.F., Musaev D.A. Obnarujenie i sitologicheskoe izuchenie aneuploidnix i euploidnix rasteniy s translokatsiyami xromosom u xlopchatnika Gossypium hirsutum L. // Genetika. 1990.- T.26. - №3. – S.506-515. 2. Grover C. E., Zhu X., Grupp K. K., Jareczek J.J, Gallagher J. P., Szadkowski E., Seijo J. G., Wendel J. F. Molecular confirmation of species status for the allopolyploid cotton species, Gossypium ekmanianum Wittmack // Genet Resour Crop Evol. - 2015. - V.62. – P.103–114. 3. Sanamyan M.F., Makamov A.K., Bobokhujaev Sh.U., Usmonov D.E., Buriev Z.T., Saha S., Stelly D.M. The Utilization of Translocation Lines and Microsatellite Markers for the Identification of Unknown Cotton Monosomic Lines // v knige «Cotton Research», Shapter 8. Intech. – Croatia. - 2016. - P. - 167-183. 4. Sukumar Saha. David M. Stelly. Abdusalom K. Makamov. Mirzakamol S. Ayubov. Dwaine Raska. Osman A. Gutie´rrez. Shivapriya Manchali. Johnie N. Jenkins. Dewayne Deng. Abdurakhmonov I.Y. Molecular confirmation of Gossypium hirsutum chromosome substitution lines // Euphytica.-2015. 5. Stelly D.M., Saha S., Raska D.A., Jenkins J.N., McCarty J.C., Jr., and Gutie´rrez O.A. Registration of 17 Upland (Gossypium hirsutum) Cotton Germplasm Lines Disomic for Different G. barbadense Chromosome or Arm Substitutions // Crop Sci.- 2005.- V.45.- P.2663–2665.



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