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The Delphinium oreophilum Huth species of the Delphinium plant was harvested from the slopes of Zaamin in July 2018 and dried in a cool place. The volatile compounds of the essential oils obtained from the surface of the plant by hydrodistillasia method were investigated by chromato-mas-spectral. As a result of investigation 29 essential substances were found in essential oils. The most common ones are Phenol (16.17%), guajol (12.09%), phenethyl alcohol (11.21), benzyl alcohol (9.8), acetoin (9.79%), 2-heptanol (9.64%). (Z) -3-Hexen-1-ol (5.35%), 3-methyl 1- Butanol (3.48%), cia-carane (3,55), a-terpineol (3,41).

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