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The purpose of these studies was to assess the possibility of using Trichoderma harzianum 857, isolated from the soil of Uzbekistan, as a source of cellulolytic enzymes for processing of cellulose-containing substrates. It was established that the fungus Trichoderma harzianum 857, due to synthesis of extracellular cellulolytic enzymes, can be used for hydrolysis of cellulose-containing substrates (wheat straw). The conditions for pretreatment of cellulose- containing substrate (100ºC, at 1 atm., for 1.5 hours) were selected to increase the efficiency of their enzymatic cleavage. It was shown that adding amaranth straw to a composition of cellulose- containing substrates contributes to the enrichment of the final product with protein, vitamins and trace elements, which makes it possible to use it as a high-protein product.

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