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This article deals with one of the most urgent topics, to which the great Kyrgyz writer Ch. Aitmatov has repeatedly addressed - the topic of the relationship between the concepts of “personality” and “Motherland”. It is noted that it is with the feeling of the homeland that the formation of self-esteem and self-consciousness begins. Patriotism should not be an unfounded phenomenon, it should not be considered in the abstract and at some height. This phenomenon should be reflected in practice, for example, strict adherence to the laws of its native land, respect for other members of its society, development and prosperity of its country.

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1. Aytmatov Ch., Shaxanov M. Plach oxotnika nad propastyu (Ispoved na isxode veka), Tashkent: «Shark», 1998 2. Aytmatov Ch. V soavtorstve s vodoyu i zemleyu. Frunze. «Kirgizstan», 1979



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