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n the opinions which denotes working on early ages at schools with deleted pupils at mathematics at primary classes. The ideas shows it is the most important that working with the pupils who has ability on math’s and begin to work as soon as possible in early ages. Must not cancel ability of these pupils, but to pay attention to develop at place of primary classes.

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1. “Boshlang’ich ta’lim” jurnali 2010-yil 4-son 24-bet[1]. 2. “Maktab va hayot” jurnali 2005-yil 6-son 8-bet[2]. 3. “Sinf rahbari” jurnali 2013-yil 4-son 21-bet[3]. 4. “Sog’lom avlod uchun” jurnali 2017-yil 10-son 23-bet[4]. 5. “Boshlang’ich ta’lim” jurnali 2004-yil may-iyun soni 44-bet[5]. 6. “Boshlang’ich ta’lim” jurnali 2007-yil 2-son 29-bet[6]. 7. ”Matematik tasavvurlarni shakllantirish” Toshkent-2014-yil 3-bet[7].



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