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The article discusses the units of measurement, their history, appearance and development. As the basis, the information about the ancient types of units of measurement is given in the work of “Baburname”. Analyzed the study, the emergence and development of units, the economy and the material culture of countries, as well as some aspects of history, communication between different nations

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1. Babur M.Z. Babur-name (Zapiski Babura) / Sost. S.Azimidjanova, per. M.Salg’e. — Tashkent, 1982. — Kn. 2. 2. Ibragimov I. Nekotorqe zametki o xivinskix turkmenax i kirgizax (Iz zapisnoy knijki) // Voennqy sbornik. — SPb., 1874. — T. 98, № 9. — S. 135 (prim. 2). 3. Xints V. Musulg’manskie merq vesa s perevodom v metricheskuyu sistemu. Davidovich Ye.A. Materia¬lq po metrologii srednevekovoy Sredney Azii.— M.: Nauka, 1970.— 143 s. 4. Ҳudud ul-olam min al-mashrik va il al-maғrib / Taxiyagari matn N.Kosimov. — Dushanbe, 1983. 5. Xolov M.SH. Kniga «Babur-name» kak metrologicheskiy istochnik // Materialq mejdunarodnoy konferentsii. 2007.



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