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Article provides scientific data on micromycetes of plant species of hawthorn, common in the Ferghana Valley. According to the results obtained, the distribution of species such as Phyllactinia hippophaes, Ph. suffulta f. oxyacanthae, Podosphaera tridactyla f. cerasi belonging to the class Leotiomycetes, Coniothyrium epidermidis from the class Dothideomycetes, and Leucostoma persoonii from the class Sordariomycetes of the kingdom of Ascomycota. Also, it was revealed that species of the kingdom of Basidiomycota on hawthorn trees are smaller in number in comparison with the species Gymnosporangium confusum, belonging to the class Pucciniomycetes. The data on the list of micromycetes and host plant species, morphological characteristics of pathogenic species, as well as signs of the disease are also given.

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