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A calorie-restricted diet (CRD) was used in the work, i.e. feeding animals (rats) every other day with conventional animal feed. This feeding option has been used since the early ontogenesis of rats for about five years. These conditions cause an increase in experimental rats life expectancy up to 46%. At the same time, metabolic processes decrease by up to 40% to a 3-fold lag in body weight and a 2-fold lag in liver mass from control animals. In mitochondria, non- conjugated respiration is suppressed (up to 40%), without a significant reduction in ATP- synthesizing respiration. As a result, experimental animals live 46% longer than control animals. It is assumed that CRD, while maintaining a low body metabolism due to a decrease in the uncoupled respiration of tissue mitochondria, which can contribute to prolonging the lifespan of animals.

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