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In the article, the model of the recombination of non - equilibrium carriers through a pair recombination complex of the donor-acceptor pair type is studied under conditions when the concentration of such paired complexes changes (decreases) during the excitation of the material. Also, the article describes that the injection into the p-n-n+ - structure can lead to fundamental changes in the distribution of the concentration of free carriers, especially, to the appearance of a periodic term depending on the concentration of the sample length (instead of the usual exponential dependence).

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1. Leyderman A.Yu., Uteniyazov A.K., Nsanbaev M.T. Recombination statistics of non-equilibrium carriers in the model of semiconductor with donor-acceptor pairs possessing variable recombination activity. Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics and Optoelectronics. 2020. V. 23, №3, P. 290-293.

2. Adirovich E.I., Karageorgy-Alkalaev P.M., Leyderman A.Yu. Current of Double Injection in Semiconductors, Sov.Radio, Moscow, 1978.



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