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Based on the long-term series of satellite-retrieved PM2.5 concentrations, this study explored the spatiotemporal variation and aggregation characteristics of PM2.5 concentrations in Xinjiang from 2001 to 2016 by using standard deviational ellipse analysis and spatial autocorrelation statistics method. The result showed that the annual average PM2.5 concentrations was high in the north slope of Tianshan mountain and the western Tarim desert where High-High clusters mainly distribute. Furthermore, PM2.5 concentrations in the north slope of Tianshan mountain increased significantly from 2001 to 2016. Based on the result of GeoDetector model, population density was the most dominant factor of PM2.5 concentrations (q=0.55). With the rapid urbanization and expansion of oasis, the driving force of population density on PM2.5 concentrations are gradually decreasing. However, DEM, NSL, LCT and NDVI show the increased trend on the driving forces of PM2.5 concentrations.

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