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The article presents the materials of herpetological studies conducted in 2007-2018 in the South Aral region. The main work on the study of the species composition, distribution and counting of all reptile species and ecological features was carried out in three large ecosystems (North-Western Kyzyl Kum, Ustyurt and the lower reaches of the Amu Darya). The studies were carried out according to standard methods using point and route counts. In the works, generally accepted methods of zoological and environmental studies are used. As a result of the inventory, the authors identified the modern species composition and number of reptiles in this region. Only 33 species of reptiles belonging to two orders and 10 families have been identified. Among them, in the Red Book of the Republic of Uzbekistan [2009], 4 species are included from reptiles (Molchanov’s toad agama, Uzbekistan Toad Head Agama, Desert Monitor and Four-lined snake). In addition, the steppe tortoise is listed on the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. For many years, the authors studied the biology and ecology of some species such as the steppe tortoise, Sun watcher, Sandy toad agama, squeaky gecko and Rapid fringe toed lizard. In conclusion, the authors give conclusions and offer recommendations for the protection of these amazing animals.

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