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This article classifies the legal framework of labor protection, decent working conditions and their socio-economic significance in ensuring economic security in industrial enterprises. Various occupational diseases and accidents caused by unfavorable working conditions in industrial enterprises were analyzed on the basis of industry statistics, which are the locomotive of the country's economy. Factors leading to accidents in industrial production are also classified, and scientific and practical recommendations for the creation of harmless and safe working conditions have been developed. On the basis of the study, the author formulated the following conclusions and recommendations: the creation of a system of transparent control over the implementation of the mechanism of certification of work processes and conditions in the enterprises of the real sector; creation of a permanent control mechanism to ensure the payment of benefits and compensation provided by law to employees working in hazardous and dangerous working conditions at enterprises; Development of an effective roadmap and continuous monitoring of its implementation, taking into account the affiliation of the industry, to eliminate the factors that lead to accidents in the real sector.


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