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Cotton is considered as the most common natural fiber. The life of more than 200 million people from more than 70 countries of the world is associated with the collection of cotton; another 60 million people are employed in various enterprises processing the cotton fabric, as well as by-products (seed oil or protein used in the production of animal nutrition). Cotton is the most grown non-food crop - more than 20 million tons of annual cotton fiber production is obtained from plants occupying 30 million hectares of crops. This study deeply examines the most influential factors affecting cotton fiber production from the perspective of the agricultural sector. A multifactor economic model has been created using the data on cotton fiber production for 2007-2019. As the factors affecting the volume of cotton fiber production (Y) were selected in this research: the volume of raw cotton grown in the country(X1), the area in which cotton is cultivated (X2), and productivity of yield (X3).


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