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The review is dedicated to the results of the international conference on the theme “Uzbekistan in the context of regional security and global changes”, which was held on November 7-8, 2019 in Tashkent. The organizers were the University of World Economy and Diplomacy under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan together with the international scientific project COMPASS (Great Britain). During the two-day discussions, international experts discussed a wide range of issues, including large-scale reforms in Uzbekistan, integration processes in Central Asia, issues of security and sustainable development. They noted that today A new political atmosphere is being formed in Central Asia, contributing to the solution of acute regional problems and the further rapprochement of states. The catalyst for these processes is the dynamic and open regional policy of Uzbekistan. During the conference, much attention was paid to security in the region and a peaceful settlement in Afghanistan. In particular, experts emphasized significant changes in the approach of Uzbekistan to Afghanistan, which is expressed in the intensification of bilateral relations, as well as the active assistance of the Uzbek side in achieving peace and stability in Afghanistan.

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