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The article examines and analyzes the special factors and opportunities for the formation of competitiveness of export goods of Uzbekistan. At the same time, an assessment is made of a number of indicators (investment in fixed capital, trade openness indicators, also as an example the volume of the GDP of the Russian Federation, which is the main export partner, the real effective exchange rate and costs to trade for each container) that affect the volume of export of the Republic of Uzbekistan. And also, conclusions are drawn by considering intensive and extensive margin of export growth, based on the results obtained.

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«Узбекистон Республикасини янада ривожлантириш буйича Харакатлар стратегияси тугрисида»ги 2017 йил 7 февралдаги ПФ-4947-сонли Узбекистон Республикаси Президентининг Фармони // Узбекистон Республикаси цонун х,уж- жатлари туплами, 2017 й., 6-сон, 70-модда, www.lex.uz. Bernard A., J. Bradford J. Redding J. Stephen and P. Schott. 2007. «Firms in International Trade». CEPR Discussion Papers 6277, Centre for Economic Policy and Research, London. Olivier Cadot, CMine Carrare, and Vanessa Strauss-Kahn. 2011. «Trade Diversification: Drivers and Impacts». World Bank, Washington, DC. Jean-Jacques Hallaert, Ricardo Cavazos Cepeda, and Gimin Kang. 2011. «Estimating the Constraints to Developing Countries Trade». Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Paris Hummels D., and P. Klenow. 2005. «The Variety and Quality of a Nations Exports». American Economic Review 95 (3): 704723. Brenton P., and R. Newfarmer. 2009. «Watching More Than the Discovery Channel to Diversify Exports». In Breaking into New Markets: Emerging Lessons for Export Diversification, eds. R. Newfarmer, W. Shaw, and P. Walkenhorst, 111­126. Washington, DC: World Bank. Узбекистон Республикаси статистика цумитаси расмий сайти маълумотла- ри. www.stat.uz Жах,он банки маълумотлари. World Development Indicators. http:// databank. worlbank .org/data/ Internatioanal trade centre, Trade statistics for international business development



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