International Relations: Politics, Economics, Law


B. Islamov


The article considers the way of political life of Sh.R. Rashidov, his dedications to the development of foreign relations and strengthening the prestige of Uzbekistan in the international arena, personally participated in major events with the participation of foreign states, received foreign delegations in Tashkent and made visits abroad, understanding of the importance of having a competent, authoritative Minister of Foreign Affairs. For all of us, Bahodir Abbasovich Abdurazakov was and remains the model of a true patriot, intellectual, professional diplomat who devotedly served his country. He was always available and open to communication. He was always an authority - both when he held high positions, and when he was already retired. Bahodir Abbasovich, a talented diplomat with a capital letter and leader, a patriot to the core, modest in life and equally open in communication for everyone, has always been faithful to his life ideals, an example of a crystal clear person with a huge intellect and great soul. Until the last minute, he lived his life honestly and with dignity. His departure from life is a huge and irreparable loss for the whole large family of Abdurazakovs, for all his relatives and friends, the few remaining friends and colleagues and numerous students.

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