International Finance and Accounting


This article discusses one of the most pressing and global issues of human development today - the need to study the problems of poverty reduction, modern features, problems and a system of effective government measures, the State Poverty Reduction Program of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Uzbekistan. A comparative analysis of the implementation of government measures to reduce poverty, the study of the importance of reforms in the system of personal income taxation in addressing the problems of poverty reduction. In this regard, the article aims to ensure the implementation of the principle of social justice in the practice of personal income taxation, the introduction of relevant innovations in the taxation system in the near future with the formation of a description of the poor, middle class and rich, reducing the share of shadow economy and legalization and guarantee of income. It is important that the issues of security are considered. The article also contains suggestions and comments aimed at reducing poverty in the country and ensuring the viability and effective implementation of government measures.


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