International Finance and Accounting


In today's economy a fundamentally important point for each company is a constant monitoring of the effectiveness of the financial and economic activities carried out by means of various methods and instruments. The effectiveness of such monitoring, from an analytical point of view, depends on how well matched and applied specific method of analysis. The more literate studied the effectiveness of the organization, the more reliable will be resultative information for external and internal users containing the necessary data concerning company’s financial position and the efficiency of the decisions taken at different levels of management. In this study author represented the review of the research results of an application of company’s valuation. The results of the study allowed the author consider the valuation of the business as a mechanism for providing internal and external users with critical information they need to for using in the process of implementation of all possible types of transactions and manipulation of business as an object of property. The position of the author reasoned examples of the characteristics of the role of valuation and analysts results of its application in foreign business structures.


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