International Finance and Accounting


The article discusses the condition and directions of improvement of increase of efficiency of corporate management, corporate governance process is described in terms of information technology and systems to analyze the information technologies and systems, methods and tools used in corporate management in the world practice and made suggestions using information technologies and systems in business processes of national corporate management.


1. 2013-2020 yillarda O‘zbekiston Respublikasida telekommunikatsiya texnologiyalari, tarmoqlari va aloqa infratuzilmasini rivojlantirish dasturi. 2. Druker P.F. Zadachi Menedjmenta v XXI veke. ID «Vilyams», 2004 g. 210c. 3. Anderson K. Naiboleye effektivnыe metodы vnedreniya sistem upravleniya. Materialы sayta www.cfin.ru/vernikov/kias/



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